Jstarlist FAQ

FAQ's Pertaining to Jstar's Services and Offerings

1 Am I guaranteed FREE Entry when when I sign up on JstarPASS™?
No, it depends on the guestlist rules & offers associated the event. We make no guarantees that you will get FREE entry. We focus on doing our best to make sure you get the best service. When you sign up, the host assigned to you will add you to the guestlist if one exists for the event. Depending on guestlist guidelines, you may receive Free Entry, Discount Entry, or a Line Pass.

2 Am I guaranteed NO Waiting when I sign up on JstarPASS™?
No, it depends on the night and event. We make no guarantees but you will have a better chance getting through the door using our system than if you didn't know anyone. The host assigned to you will contact within 1-2 days of signing up to coordinate your arrival. The host will do his/her best to make sure your entry is as smooth as possible.

3 What are the Benefits of using JstarPASS?

  • - You will be assigned a highly qualified VIP host that will do as much as possible to help you get in the event
  • - You can develop a personalized experience of signing up on the guestlist
  • - You will be displayed events that you like based on your personal preference
  • - You will have a Quick, Simple, Reliable system to find events that saves you time
  • - You will have the latest information and updates on the event you are attending
  • - Depending on what the location offers, you may receive FREE Entry, Express Line Pass, Discounts on Admission, Free Drinks or Drink Discounts
  • - You can access the system from anywhere

4 Who is JstarPASS™?

See our About Us page

5 Who do I contact if I have a service or product and would like to pursue partnerships or co-sponsorships with JstarPASS™?

Email us at admin@jstarpass.com

6 Who do I contact if I want to start my own Pass or help sell an existing Pass?

Email us at hostapplicant@jstarpass.com

7 Who do I contact if I am a venue owner that would like to list my event and offer coupons, discounts to events at my venue?

Email us at venueapplicant@jstarpass.com