Nightlife Spotlight

Top 10 Pick Up Lines for Girls to Guys

by Jen So 2/14/13


Ladies, Valentine's Day is coming up right around the corner. The way I see it is that you've got two options. Be alone with some chocolate and romantic comedies playing or go out and have a hot date this year. Now, how do you get that date? Let's just say you've spotted someone in a club that you want to take home to Daddy, but you don't know what to do. Everyone knows you can look, smile and flirt from across the room but just in case you're feeling spontaneous, here are some pick up lines a girl can use on a guy this year...

Worst-case scenario, you get him to laugh, right? Ladies, Please feel free to comment and add your own collection of pick up lines down below! For all of you guys reading, how would you respond to these?

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10 "Do these look real?"
You can use this while you are playing with you hair, finger nails, or your new implants!!!

9 *tap on shoulder* "Hey! I've been looking for you all night!"
You can use this line with a determined look or wandering look!

8 "Out of curiosity, were you born on a plane? Cause baby you're FLY!"

You can use this when you get lucky sitting by that hottie on your trip to vegas and after a couple glasses of wine!

7 "How are you? ("Fine") Darn right you are!"

This one is a very versatile one for any situation!

6 "Is that a shovel in your pocket? Cause I'm digging that ass!"

Girls if you are into nice butts this one is great while on the dance floor and watch the bumping and grinding ensue!

5 "I'm feeling a little off today. Would you like to turn me on?"

Bad day at the office and at the bar drinking your sorrows? Why not pick your self up too!

4 "Do you have a quarter? I told my mom I'd call her when I met the man of my dreams."

This is another versatile line. Great if you are right by the pay phone!

3 "Hey! Did you get those jeans on sale? Oh cause at my house they're 100% off!"

When you want to close the deal, use this one!

2 "Can I have a photo of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?"

Great one to use on the holidays when you find that hottie you can take to mommy & daddy!

1 "You know, you might have to leave soon. You're making all the rest of the guys in here look really bad."

Want to make him blush? Use this one and catch him off guard